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On every episode of The Village Idiots Podcast, Nate, the DM, names a Village Idiot. The Village Idiot is a cast member who is called out for doing something incredibly stupid during the episode. Therefore, they have to do the recap during the next episode. Come check out who's winning (or losing, depending on you point of view) the pretty and shiny crown of this season's Village Idiot title!


THE Village Idiot:

2nd place tie!

3rd place:

The smart one (kinda):











Season 01 - Episode 52 - That was the right answer!

It's the season finale. I guess this is going to mean that no one is the Village Idiot this round since Nate will be doing the recap at the beginning of next season.

Season 01 - Episode 51 - Run!

Nate accepts his fate as the Village Idiot for this episode. All the players were doing super cool shit, so he falls on his sword yet again.

Season 01 - Episode 50 - The Scientific Method

It was close between all our players except Emily, however Nicole managed to pull through.

Season 01 - Episode 49 - WHAT'S IN THE BOX MAN?!?!

Too much exposition Nate! Although, it was about totally cool artifacts and well worth it.

Season 01 - Episode 48 - Ocean's 5

Aggamir takes the cake for this episode. He tried to cowboy it, it was cool, but it didn't really work out too well.

Season 01 - Episode 47 - The Library of Aaargh...

Dru is starting to get soft in her travels it seems. When it came time to get some answers, she was just like, "Nah, let's let him go, we'll catch up with him later..."

Season 01 - Episode 46 - Do you have a Pamphlet?

How could Nate forget his own, beloved NPC? How dare?

Season 01 - Episode 45 - You've come to the right place.

Saph insists on haggling for something she may kind of not really maybe need.

Season 01 - Episode 44 - I am aware of a... High Five

Scar lacks some serious foresight in a near deadly encounter.

Season 01 - Episode 43 - Guardian of the Prophecy

Nathan names himself the Village Idiot this week for doing his cool memory thingy and no one wanted to talk about it.

Season 01 - Episode 42 - I JUST WANTED A BOAT!!!

Emily... Emily... It had that name for a reason. Just sayin' you should know who's side you're on.

Season 01 - Episode 41 - I pick stuff up, I put stuff down.

Aggamir didn't see the signs. The obvious signs I might add... So he got real close and personal to the title of Village Idiot this week.

Season 01 - Episode 40 - Hello darkness, my old friend.

Poor poor Saph, clinches the title of Village Idiot at the last possible moment. Again! What made her think that was a good idea? Dru knew better.

Season 01 - Episode 39 - Beyond what's Known.

Poor poor Saph, clinches the title of Village Idiot at the last possible moment. But she couldn't help herself. Great roleplay, not so great choices...

Season 01 - Episode 38 - It puts the potion in the basket.

Oooooof, this one is a doozy... Scar... How could you? He was a poor, soft, impressionable little farm boy. Who's gonna pay for his therapy now...?

Season 01 - Episode 37 - I meant to do that!

Splitting combat into two episodes? Nate should know better by now, shouldn't he? I'll give it to him though, it was a pretty big battle.

Season 01 - Episode 36 - Aggamir's giant crocodile.

Nicole isn't always forgetful, but when she is, she's always forgetful. Either that, or she doesn't pay attention to the dynamics of battle.

Season 01 - Episode 35 - Are there coconuts?

Emily once again gets "punished" for her unholy impersonation, disguised as excellent role playing. Nate says he warned her, but she thinks her plan was everyone's plan? What a mess!

Season 01 - Episode 34 - Battle of the Blessed.

Nate thinks he should have thrown a bigger bad at us, but I think it's pretty unanimous among the players; That was one hell of a fight. Nevertheless, he has named himself the idiot for this episode.

Season 01 - Episode 33 - Yas Queen.

Oh boy. This one was cartainly a split camp in who agrees with Nate or not. But alas, Nate's determination is final, while Emily thinks she's being punished for good role playing.

Season 01 - Episode 32 - Fantasy Boat.

This one is a real doozy!!! How on Illari did Scar think this would be a good idea!? She should have known Nate would somehow mess up her fantasy.

Season 01 - Episode 31 - Red Hair, hand me down robes.

Who starts drinking at 6am? Who does that!? Apparently, Dru thought it might have been a good idea. Well, Nate didn't think so, especially before getting on a boat.

Season 01 - Episode 30 - O' Captain my Captain.

For forgetting to ask a VERY simple question, all four of the idiots prove they are idiots.

Season 01 - Episode 29 - If the Corn's right.

Nate fails to ask for a little more detail into Aggamir's backstory, having not known the actual height of Aggamir's best friend and rival.

Season 01 - Episode 28 - The Boat People.

What a dumb dumb. Saph, not knowing what she was doing, could have gotten the whole group killed in an agonizing, torturing sort of way.

Season 01 - Episode 27 - All the way in.

Nate seems to be talking to himself an awful lot. Sounds kind of like this was a very heavy story driven episode. Gotta love when Nate goes Cockney? We do.

Season 01 - Episode 26 - Let's get this over with.

Aggamir..... Poor Aggamir..... Although he had good intentions, he fell a bit short, but he really really REALLY wanted to use that whip.

Season 01 - Episode 25 - You're not yourself when you're hungry.

Dru has a hard time commandeering a vehicle from a poor poor merchant just trying to make a living. Confiscate? What did I do???

Season 01 - Episode 24 - Have you checked your local Lorekeeper Station?

Dru can't resist a pretty face. She saw a hot Lorekeeper and literally forgot everything she knew about pretty much everything. Thus making her the Village Idiot.

Season 01 - Episode 23 - The Sea Level Club.

Jordan doesn't always get to be crowned Village Idiot, but when he does, it's because we had a plan that was fool proof (apparently not). You had one job Jordan. One Job.

Season 01 - Episode 22 - Looking for a book with pictures.

Justin very, really, truly wins the title of Village Idiot this episode. Saph opens her big dumb mouth and out spills what should have been a secret...

Season 01 - Episode 21 - I'm gonna need more ointment.

Nate earns the title of Village Idiot this time around. He says he scared us too much and made us overly cautious. Seems like that might have been true for 3 of them, as Dru wanted to take on the big baddy.

Season 01 - Episode 20 - Aggamir's terrible horrible no good very bad day.

Dru literally can't even. Even when she runs for one enemy, only to turn around and fire at a different one? Wtf Dru?

Season 01 - Episode 19 - Stop, Drop and Roll

Aggamir gets a whip and is a little too excited to use it... He whips the one thing he was told not to touch, and needless to say it gets a little touchy feely with Aggie's face.

Season 01 - Episode 18 - Little Black Birdie

Scar kinda, very much so, almost spilled the beans and is on her way to  becoming a bad Copper Mantle. Good Copper Mantles don't loot crime scenes. Good DM's remember things like that.

Season 01 - Episode 17 - What are we gonna do about all these Pumpkins?

Even buying 50 Gold worth of pumpkins for no reason wasn't enough to name Aggamir the village idiot again, so Nate falls on his sword yet again...

Season 01 - Episode 16 - Scarlett Jenkins!

Things go south when the team tries to take on a local group from the Violet Rose. Scarlett learns it doesn't always pay to be a showoff.

Season 01 - Episode 15 - You're an Idiot. Don't do it like that.

Nate earns the title of The Village Idiot on this episode for trusting the rules as written for 5th Edition Chases.

Season 01 - Episode 14 - My Cabbages!!!

Justin, receives the title of Village Idiot during this episode. No matter how hard he tried, he could not talk to children, and Nate takes advantage of that.

Season 01 - Episode 13 - You've got a Friend in Me

Jordan has a friend in Scar. It's just too bad that she's a copper mantle. Probably not the brightest idea to bring her to a shady back alley deal.

Season 01 - Episode 12 - Title of your Sex Tape

Nicole racks up another point, but this time it's due to Scar persuading Dru. What will happen to everybody when Dru "Seizes the Stone....?"

Season 01 - Episode 11 - Baby Spider Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Emily sucks it up and accepts the inevitable. That she is crowned the Village Idiot this week. She needs to remember that spellcasters are squishy.

Season 01 - Episode 10 - The Story of a Girl

Justin strongly secures the title of Village Idiot this episode. An awkward confrontation is on the horizon as Saph brings everybody where everybody else is looking for her.

Season 01 - Episode 9 - We Were The Village Idiots All Along

Nate falls on the sword this episode, naming himself the Village Idiot. He didn't put the players in situations in which they could have acted stupidly? That's fair.

Season 01 - Episode 8 - The Train Conundrum

In this surprising upset, within this deep and emotional episode, Justin claims the title of Village Idiot. Trying to bribe an officer of the law? Apparently not so smart.

Season 01 - Episode 7 - Is This Guy Bothering You Miss?

Nicole really does some really dumb stuff this episode, making herself the Village Idiot yet again. Lies, deception, stealing? She's starting to live up to the name of the podcast.

Season 01 - Episode 6 - Mom, Can I Bring My Friends On My Secret Mission

Nicole narrowly evades this week's Village Idiot title, and instead Emily becomes the Village Idiot this time. Peer pressure runs rampant this episode.

Season 01 - Episode 5 - I'm FLUSH With GEMS

Nate once again names himself the Village Idiot. This time for going up against "well trained" adventurers? Also, be a little more careful naming your characters...

Season 01 - Episode 4 - OoOoOoOo Spooky

Once again, Nate forgets to name the Village Idiot during this episode. Next episode he named Nicole the Village Idiot, specifically for antagonizing an "obviously" mad man.

Season 01 - Episode 3 - Oops I Crit It Again

The village idiot tonight, deservedly, is none other than Nicole. Not only does she show how badly she rolls, but also how much she detests puzzles.

Season 01 - Episode 2 - I Was Supposed to Get Paid by That Guy

Nate names his darling wife Emily the Village Idiot in this episode. She killed someone very important, in cold, cold blood.

Season 01 - Episode 1 - I Crit Myself

Looks like Nate forgot to name a Village Idiot during this episode, but makes up for it in episode 2 when he names himself the Village Idiot. Nate did the weird recording thing, so....

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