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FUN FACT #17 - 10/11/2019

The Consul of the Mithril Peninsula, Ruwin Heavybrew, is one of the only members of the Chamber of Twelve that has a business outside of his duties as Consul. He is the head brewmaster for his family's brewery.

FUN FACT #16 - 9/27/2019

There is a perpetually broken bridge on the southern border of the Barony of Tolaria that should lead to the Cloistered Peaks. The bridge is rebuilt and soon before construction is finished it is found demolished.

FUN FACT #15 - 9/20/2019

Adda's Bounty commissioned Gizmoborough to create a fleet of magical floating lights to ensure the highest yields for their crops. The lights are called "lumenairs" and they meander slowly about 200 feet above the fields of the borough.

FUN FACT #14 - 9/13/2019

There is an elven city called Selsanthelas on the western coast of Toor that acts as a nature preserve/theme park. Illarians visit Selsanthelas to view a variety of the wild and dangerous creatures native to Toor.

FUN FACT #13 - 9/6/2019

Several decades ago a massive construct was found beneath the catacombs of Illar's Berth. The Architects refuse to let the Lorekeepers study the construct as they fear what would happen if it was awoken.

FUN FACT #12 - 8/30/2019

The druids of the Circle of All do not accept common coin. At all passages into the Circle of All are "favor exchanges" where travelers can exchange coin for druidic favors (twigs, shells, etc.) to use to barter for the druids' goods and services.

FUN FACT #11 - 8/23/2019

The Forge is the largest mountain on the Mithril Peninsula and was once a dormant volcano. An expedition was launched to reignite one of the lava tubes in order to meet the forging demands of Illari.

FUN FACT #10 - 8/9/2019

There are many domesticated animals that are kept as pets in Illari; the most illustrious can naturally be found in Lux, where the wealthy parade iridescent flying snakes, toy guard drakes, and corgis.

FUN FACT #9 - 8/2/2019

Most plots of land that go up for auction between boroughs are hotly contested between the Consuls, except for a small island that lies between the Circle of All, Lux, and Gizmoborough that has gone unclaimed for dozens of years.

FUN FACT #8 - 7/26/2019

Illarian Phoenixes were once large, however they became smaller with each rebirth as they were pushed from their natural habitats. Now they are the size of hummingbirds, though their flame is still as strong as ever.

FUN FACT #7 - 7/19/2019

The first Thunder Cannon was constructed nearly 500 years ago as a pest control device during the Great Swarm, when tens of thousands of giant weasels almost overran Adda's Bounty.

FUN FACT #6 - 7/12/2019

While larger Shade and Fey pockets are easily forecasted by the Lorekeepers, smaller Shade and Fey "showers" have been known to pop up unannounced, impacting those around 5-10 minutes before disappearing completely.

FUN FACT #5 - 7/5/2019

Illar the Mighty, the Tooran Orc who founded the continent of Illari, was a skilled shipwright, a patron of the arts, and was deathly afraid of birds.

FUN FACT #4 - 6/28/2019

No Dwarves live in The Barony of Tolaria. Most think it is because of their aversion to the sea and seafaring vessels, though every dwarf gets visibly uncomfortable when asked about it.

FUN FACT #3 - 6/14/2019

The Pride Parade in Gizmoborough is #lit. #IllariPride #Pride

FUN FACT #2 - 6/14/2019

Once every 7 years, the Cloistered Peaks completely shuts off from the rest of Illari for several days. No one knows what happens during that time and the monks are very secretive about "The Open Closure."

FUN FACT #1 - 6/7/2019

In Illari there is a book trilogy named Hairy Potter, a series about the adventures of an Orcish Ceramist.

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