On every episode of The Village Idiots Podcast, Nate the DM names a Village Idiot. The Village Idiot is a cast member who is called out for doing something incredibly stupid during the episode. Therefore, they have to do the recap during the next episode. Come check out who's winning (or losing depending on you point of view) the pretty and shiny crown of the this season's Village Idiot title!

This is exciting for us, and we want you to be excited too! The Village Idiots are launching a Patreon! Filled with awesome merch and content, this venture is sure to entertain you for hours upon hours. Come in and see everything we have to offer to you!

Every Friday, Nate the DM releases a fun little fact. This is a list of all those Fun Facts as seen on Twitter! Become more immersed in the lore of Lanimora with these little tid-bits of information. Come follow us on twitter @villageidiotpod to get the latest updates!


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