Village Idiot Tally

On every episode of The Village Idiots Podcast, Nate, the DM, names a Village Idiot. The Village Idiot is a cast member who is called out for doing something incredibly stupid during the episode. Therefore, they have to do the recap during the next episode. Come check out who's winning (or losing, depending on you point of view) the pretty and shiny crown of this season's Village Idiot title!

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Season 1.5 - Episode 9 - Semi-hard evidence.

For not coming up with a wider variety of side-quests, especially lacking a cabbage cart, Nate takes the cake of Village Idiot this week.

Season 1.5 - Episode 8 - Danny DeVito.

What Tora lacks in up-to-date on sneaky, military style tactics, she makes up for with a very loud voice!

Season 1.5 - Episode 7 - Very sensitive fingers.

Maxine could have, should have known better. Then again, same with Emily. It is a mechanic in the game after all...

Season 1.5 - Episode 6 - The client.

For bold accusations, and harassment, Tora steals this episode's title.

Season 1.5 - Episode 5 - The S.H.A.

You know Tom, right? Maxine sure doesn't

Season 1.5 - Episode 4 - Do you shave your spiders?

Maxine? Turning down money? wtf?!

Season 1.5 - Episode 3 - What is wrong with you?!?!

In a clutch move, right at the end, Tora takes the cake in a landslide of a victory. Victory? That's a strong word.

Season 1.5 - Episode 2 - Beep boop.

Pax decided to overload the C3PO of Lanimora... Myyyyy bad...

Season 1.5 - Episode 1 - A Thorn by any other name.

Nate thinks it's unfair to make anyone the Village Idiot on the very, very first episode. We're trying to figure out our characters and cannot be held responsible for our stupidity.

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